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Blue Square North - 2007/2008

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Blue Square North

The Conference North
(currently billed as Blue Square North for sponsorship reasons) is a division of the Football Conference in England, taking its place immediately below the Conference National. It consists of teams located in northern England and the English Midlands.

Conference North was introduced in 2004 as part of a major restructuring of English non-League football. The champions are automatically promoted to Conference National. A second promotion place goes to the winners of play-offs involving the teams finishing in second to fifth place. The winners of the play-offs are also promoted to Conference National. The three bottom clubs are relegated to Step 3 leagues. Teams from this division, as well as from the Conference South, enter the FA Cup at the Second Qualifying Round.

Starting in 2007-08, and for the next three years, it will be known officially as the Blue Square North.

Within the Blue Square North Section of the Get Noticed Online website, you can the latest results, fixtures, league standings, season statistics, player statistics, team info, match reports and much more.

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Sat, 26 Apr 2008
Harrogate Town
Harrogate Town
1:1 Workington Reds
Workington Reds
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Blue Square North - 2007/2008
ALF - HIN 0 : 0
BAR - WOC 1 : 0
BOS - HYD 2 : 1
BUR - TEL 1 : 3
HAR - WOR 1 : 1
KET - GAI 2 : 1
LEI - BLY 0 : 2
NUN - TAM 1 : 0
SOL - HUC 2 : 2
STA - RED 6 : 0
VAU - SOU 1 : 2
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